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Marble Head of Hadrian

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Over life-size, depicted with a short curly beard covering his cheeks and chin, a short
moustache above his full lips, his eyes with drilled pupils and incised irises, gazing
upwards to his right, his thick short curly hair framing his forehead.    Portraits on coins
suggest that this armoured bust type can be dated to the final third of Hadrian’s reign. 

c. 130 – 138 AD

Height:  39.4 cm, mounted.

Provenance:   Bonhams, London, The Geddes Collection, 15 October 2008, lot 68.
Graham Geddes Collection, Victoria, Australia formed from the 1960’s – 2008.
Cesare Della Seta Collection 1976.

Exhibited:  Museum of Mediterranean Antiquities, Monash University, Melbourne,  Victoria,
November 2005 – April 2008.  University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, March 1988.

Other examples of the armoured bust of Hadrian can be found in the Museo Capitolino,
Rome and the Museo Torlonia, Rome.