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Roman Marble Statue of Hymenaos

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Roman marble statue of Hymenaios

c. 2nd – 3rd Century AD

The youthful god is depicted standing nude and asleep, leaning on a fluted column
covered with drapery and with folds below the round belly and behind the chubby
legs.  His curly head is leaning  left with  his cheek resting over his right hand.
A wreath in his left hand and feather details on  the wings.   Hymenaios was an  Erote,
the god of weddings.  Ref  Ashmolean Museum , Oxford for similarly-posed item.

Height:  84 cm                                                  Price:  On application

Provenance:  Ex South German private collection, acquired on the Vienna art market in
1979; ex Bonhams, London, 3 April 2014, lot 5