Lithographs by David Roberts

ROBERTS, David. The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt and Nubia. London: Day & Son, [1855-1856].

First quarto edition of Robert’s monumental work on the Holy Land and the Near East, originally issued in 41 folio parts over 7 years. In 1838, inspired by his sense of artistic adventure, Roberts made plans for a journey to the Near East. He departed in August 1839 for Alexandria and spent the remainder of the year in Cairo visiting the major tombs and sites of Egypt. The following February he journeyed to the Holy Land, making stops in Suez, Mount Sinai and Petra. He spent time in Gaza before entering Jerusalem and concluded his tour by spending several months visiting the biblical sites of the Holy Land. Abbey Travel 388.

These lithographs are from six volumes in three, quarto (288 x 204 mm). 250 lithographed plates including the 6 pictorial titles and 2 frontispieces

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