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Attic Kantharos

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Kantharos of the Saint-Valantin type IV
richly decorated in black, white and red.
Attica 450 -425 B C

Height: 12 cms

Condition: Some cracks and a small chip
on the rim repaired.  Six   small holes in one
handle from an old repair but most attractive.

This kantharos was a wine cup.

Group IV in the classification of Howard and Johnson, pp. 193-194.
According to the authors most pieces of group IV must have been
made by a single man during a long lasting period.
For a related item, cf.Beazley Archive no. 9035376. CVA Dublin
and Cork, University College Dublin 42, pl. (30) 30 10

Literature: Seymour Howard, Franklin P Johnson. “The Saint-Valentine Vases” In: AJA 58 (1954), pp. 191-207, pl. 32-34